Imperator Napoleon 70cl Vol 38%

Imperator Napoleon 70cl Vol 38%
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The French love their brandy, although they are also known for wine, Cognac and Armagnac around the world . Why do they appreciate the distillate thus , will be better understood if one is dedicated to the quality products of the range . The Emperor Napoleon in 1875 XO Brandy example is a masterful spirit that gives everything to the last train from the first , and to enable a connoisseur in enthusiasm even know.

With his name the Emperor Napoleon XO Brandy plays in 1875 on the legendary Napoleon Bonaparte , known for his fighting spirit French general and emperor. The brand name was not chosen by chance, as the manufacturer of premium brandies puts much emphasis on tradition , typical French and a high quality connected with recognition value . Fortunately, it is the Company's philosophy to want to address with the spirits a wide audience. The Emperor Napoleon in 1875 XO Brandy still called a high quality its own and should not be underestimated. This is a genuine XO , ie an Extra Old with particularly long ripening storage. This has given it the final touch.

The Emperor Napoleon in 1875 XO Brandy comes from a distillery, which is now operating for over 150 years and therefore knows what she's doing. This can be seen in the pleasure that presents itself on the model page . One must the thoroughly successful Emperor Napoleon XO Brandy designate 1875 as authentic and harmonious. He pampers the palate and nose , among other things with lovely softness , soft fruit , a hint of citrus and a very small size of woody spice. The majority of the drinking experience about yourself is the premium brandy gently, but not shallow . Its finish is warm and wonderfully productive. Visually, the precious brandy are not too demanding, which suits his pleasing , albeit polished character. The great - a bit mysterious - year number on the label initially attracts everyone's attention , but after opening speaks of valuable content for themselves