Papidoux Xo Calvados 70cl Vol 40%

Papidoux Xo Calvados 70cl Vol 40%
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Pâpidoux with almost 80% market share for years unchallenged market leader in the German Calvados market, the biggest market outside France Calvados.

Only a small number of barrels in which the fine distillate from cider particularly well developed, will select to the maturation of this elegant and large Calvados. Pâpidoux XO is much longer than the time set for XO minimum storage period of six years lovingly aged to perfection and combines the maturity of age with the finesse of fine apple aromas.

Depending on the occasion of the expert selects one of the four Pâpidoux Calvados qualities. But apart from that for which one decides Pâpidoux is at best lukewarm to enjoy and especially as a digestive and between courses as "Trou Normand" (Norman hole) is recommended.